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«Almost for nothing» on Aliexpress: how to have time to buy burning goods
We are again looking for opportunities to buy on Ali even cheaper! Today we will talk about the section «Almost for nothing» on Aliexpress, in which the cost of goods varies from $ 0.10 to $ 1, and how to have time to buy the proposed goods there.

Where to look for the section “Top Sales”

Immediately below the search form on the main page there is a section “Hot Deals”.

One of the categories in this section is “Top Sales”.

This is where you can buy products at a ridiculous price. Sometimes the section disappears from the general list of categories (due to workload or for other reasons).

How does the section «Almost for nothing»

This section most often includes products from novice sellers who want to “earn” a good rating and number of sales.

Three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday — a list of promotional items (about 9: 30-9: 45) appears. At 10:00 Moscow time, the sale begins. And it lasts from 2 to 5 minutes. Goods run out at the speed of light, because a large number of people learned to make a purchase within 10–12 seconds after the start of the sale.

What products are involved in the top sale

At first glance it may seem that in such a section it will not be possible to find something really necessary. But it is not. There are various devices and gadgets, toys, textile products, accessories, cosmetics and more. And all this costing up to $ 0.50–1, of course, in limited quantities.

How to have time to buy «Almost for nothing»

There are a number of life hacking, which will allow you to be among the first buyers and buy the goods you like for a penny. All of them are associated with an increase in speed and a decrease in the number of actions. In general, the whole process should take 10-15 seconds:

Click on the item → Choosing a model and color → Click on the button «Buy Now» → Introduction of captcha.

In order to meet the allotted time we recommend:

Log in in advance

Log in to your Ali account in advance, as it takes 4-5 seconds, which can not be lost if you are aiming for a «victory».

Examine the proposed goods before the sale.

Quite often the goods have several colors or sizes. The delay, which may occur precisely because of the choice, will prevent you from making a purchase at a good price. Decide on the color and size in advance.

Open the product in a new tab in advance.

So, you will save time moving to a new page. And update the page within 20-30 seconds before the sale. Do this until the “Coming Soon” button changes to “Buy Now”.

Quick captcha introduction

To do this, switch the keyboard to the English language mode, this is another couple of seconds that can be lost by ignorance.

Use fast internet

It is clear that at the slightest failures or hangs your cheap goods were “crying”.

Use the Aliexpress mobile app

Since Aliexpress is actively promoting its application, there are a number of benefits when using it. One of them is the lack of a captcha on the “Almost for nothing” product page. This, of course, saves precious seconds, and you immediately click «Buy Now».

So, the main thing is calm and speed, and, perhaps, training.